Nobody Likes a Selfish Lover

In my experience, women often get the short end of the stick when it comes to sex. I’ve been sexually active for seven years now, I’ve had ten different partners and only one took the time to ensure that I was sexually pleasured in some way. ONE out of TEN! That is just unacceptable.

My most recent partner is nothing more than a casual encounter here and there. There are no feelings involved in either party so there are no ulterior motives here. This is strictly for pleasure. Now, if I cared for this man I could see myself putting up with his less than satisfactory love making, but since I have no feelings for him I don’t think I should have to stroke his ego and fake an orgasm. I am here only for sex, so dammit the sex better be good! Otherwise I am wasting my time.

Men seem to be under the impression that because there are no emotions involved there is no need for extra effort. Four play or no four play, a man is going to get his. The same cannot be said for a woman. The fact that she doesn’t like you does not give you a free pass to rush right into the main event. A woman needs to be aroused. A man going into an unaroused woman is like sliding down a water slide with no water. It’s uncomfortable and far from pleasurable. MEN: THERE WILL NEVER BE A TIME THAT YOU ENTER A WOMAN WITHOUT FOUR PLAY AND STILL MANAGE TO PLEASURE HER. It’s over before it even starts. The second you do that she automatically goes into “fake it mode” because she knows it’s about to be an unenjoyable experience. She’s just waiting until she can roll over and go to sleep.

My partner is full of requests that cater to his wants and needs but can’t even fulfill the basic requirements for pleasing a woman. All that ever comes out of his mouth is “me.” Me, me, me. It’s a turn off. Your rebuttal may be “well aren’t you in return being a selfish lover?” My response to that is no. I am not going to go above and beyond for you when you’re not doing the bare minimum for me. Before I am willing to take this to the next level I think we should establish some sort of foundation to build on. If you don’t take the time to pleasure me now why would I think you will when I enhance yours?

                                                                                                    Jane Doe xoxo


One thought on “Nobody Likes a Selfish Lover

  1. I agree with you! And as far as the “foreplay” goes, a big misconception that men seem to have — at least in my experience, is that just because a woman has larger breasts, that she must like them rough-handled. How would a guy like it if I roughly grabbed and pinched at his balls? I know some women like that, but men should do some exploring first before they just roughly grab and pinch at breasts. Not everyone is turned on by that.


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